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USB Flash Drive Facts 2018

USB Drive Facts 2017 The USB flash drive you have been using has received a lot of improvements in the recent years. The year 2017 has also been impactful in how the USB flash drives today are created, used and […]

Envoy Data Memory SSD Improves Private Cloud Host Density

When it comes to upgrading experiences in high-performance computing environments, businesses, military and industrial sectors are turning more and more to the use of Envoy Data Memory solid state drives (SSDs). These drives do well to accelerate applications, improving performance […]

Why our Rugged SSDs are Best for Industrial SSD Applications

Withstand Rugged Industrial Conditions with SSDs Solid State Drives (SSDs) are meant for storing solutions for high performance and space constrained situations. They are useful in industrial conditions because of their savvy way of saving storage in a safe manner. […]

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