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Industrial Temperature MLC NAND Primer

Cost effective "I" Temp MLC for harsh environments

Industrial Temperature MLC NAND PrimerSSDs and Flash Cards are offered with Industrial Temperature Rated MLC NAND.

The majority of Envoy Data Memory’s SSD and Flash Card product offering can be ordered with SSD Industrial Temperature NAND, Controller and support circuitry. Envoy Data Memory’s “I” Temp product line provides the perfect option for customers with Read-Intensive applications that do not need the high P/E endurance, and high cost, of SLC NAND to meet Industrial Temperature operating range requirements.

These SSDs are well suited for conduction cooled computers in harsh environments that can subject internal components to 85ºC operating temperature. You can be confident in Envoy Data Memory “I” Temp SSDs and Flash Cards to protect your valuable data.

Find “I” Temp options on each product page and associated data sheet. Contact the factory if you do not see the product that you need listed with Industrial Temperature range (-40ºC ~ 85ºC).



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