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Locked BOM and Long Term Product Support

Our assurance of Locked BOM and Firmware

One of the most common questions that we hear from our customers is “How can you offer a LOCKED BOM or long term product support with NAND based storage devices? NAND seems to go EOL so often…”.

The truth is that NAND Geometries shrink so often that that no one can support the exact same NAND Geometry beyond the End of Life (EOL) and Last Time Buy (LTB) of the NAND process. 

Envoy Data Memory’s solution is to provide accurate market insight and intelligence to help you plan for the eventual re-qualification of the next NAND geometry. What seems to impact programs the most is lack of information, or late PCN / EOL / LTB notifications.

The road map shows Envoy Data Memory µSD Cards based on MLC NAND in the following geometries: 19nm, A19, 15nm, BiCS & BiCS2 µSD Cards. The problem that many engineers encounter when selecting a product to qualify is lack of information. They may not be informed by their supplier of the life cycle of the NAND geometry relative to current production for the product of interest. As can be seen from the road map, the support for A19 based product will be going EOL approximately around Q2’16. If a new design is scheduled to begin mass production in or around the end of 2015, the focus should be on obtaining early 15nm samples for qualification. Envoy Data Memory endeavors to understand our customers design and qualification requires to offer the most insight on “Future Proofing” their own product if based on Envoy Data Memory SSDs or Flash Card products. Once you qualify an Envoy Data product, you have our assurance that the Bill of Material or BOM, will not change for the life of your program* or until you accept PCN notification of product change are given ample time to review the next generation devices for acceptance.

Envoy Data Memory offers different levels of BOM control. Below is a list of the BOM control that can be selected:

Controller Only
Controller and NAND
Controller and NAND and PCB and Active Components

Contact your Envoy representative to discuss your requirements.
Locked BOM and Firmware

*Please note, depending on product some level of customer commitment may be required to secure this service
**Controller Part Number and Revision Level
***Geometry/Node control

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