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Power-Loss Management Primer

Protect critical data in the event of sudden power loss...

Envoy Data Memory industrial SSD controllers implement advanced firmware and hardware methods to protect data integrity in the event of sudden loss of power during drive operation. With data flush technology, the in-flight data on the DRAM cache (volatile memory) is safely transferred into the NAND memory (non-volatile), ensuring the preservation of data.

The Flush Cache (E7h) command is supported by Envoy Data Memory rugged SSDs. This command is used by the host to initiate the device to flush the write cache, that data shall be written to the media and the command shall not indicate completion until the data is flushed to the SSDs or error occurs. This provides an additional protection layer to guarantee that important data critical to the system recovery is properly preserved. Data that was accepted in write cache of the SSD will eventually be written to NAND, provided that no power interruption condition occurs as a result of disk removal, power loss or brown out. In order to control write cache, the ATA specification includes FLUSH CACHE (E7h) command. This command causes the SSD to complete writing data from its cache to NAND, and after the SSD will return good status.

In addition to supporting E7h command to “Guarantee” a command completion, an extra layer of protection algorithm is designed to further protect the Flush Cache command to protect potential power interruption to 100% guaranteed the data on the drives. Ask to discuss with our engineers.



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