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Problem Solved with MOTS

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Problem Solved with MOTS

Specs of SLC without the cost.Need SLC performance, endurance, data retention or BER in your application?EconoSLC™ delivers SLC features without SLC cost, SLC density limitations and SLC lead time.
Can your SD or µSD Card tell you how much life it has left?One of the biggest concerns that system designers have with NAND Flash based storage and mobile, remotely deployed hardware systems is replacing worn out SD Cards or µSD Cards.  Or worse, not knowing IF the SD Card or µSD Card even needs to be replaced based on endurance estimates.  Hardware that is connected can notify users or administrators in the event that the card begins to reach an END OF LIFE condition.Envoy Data Memory supports this feature with a S.M.A.R.T. tool available to our customers.
Protect critical data in the event of sudden power loss.Envoy Data Memory SSD controllers implement advanced firmware and hardware methods to protect data integrity in the event of sudden loss of power during drive operation.Ask to discuss with our engineers.
Cost effective “I” Temp MLC for harsh environments.Envoy Data Memory industrial SSDs are offered with Industrial Temperature Rated NAND.TEMPEXTREMES
Envoy Data Memory implements sophisticated technology to safeguard the data in the NAND flash cell against its P/E cycle limitations and data retention characteristics.


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