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USB Flash Drive Facts 2018
USB Drive Facts 2017
Picture of a Industrial USB Flash Drive

Envoy Data Industrial USB Flash Drive Image

The USB flash drive you have been using has received a lot of improvements in the recent years. The year 2017 has also been impactful in how the USB flash drives today are created, used and deployed. Let’s count some of the ways and new facts about the flash drive today.

1. USB Flash Drives today are still those portable and small storage devices that you can use to store moderately sized data. The underlying mechanism for the flash drive is the use of a flash memory, which is a “solid state” technology that people can find in digital cameras, smartphones and mp3 players.

2. Another interesting fact about USB flash drives that people may not know about today is that flash drives are invented by Amir ban, Oron Ogdan and Dov Moron who all worked for the Israeli technology firm, M-systems.

3. It’s also a good trivia for people to know that Trek Technology and IBM were the first people who sold the USB flash drives last 2000.

4. The highest memory capacity of a USB Flash Drive today would be 2 TB, which was released by Kingston, which was then followed by the Data Traveler Ultimate GT.

5. Did you know that the USB Flash Drives made in 2017 are now able to run a WIndows 10 OS? This is a nifty addition to upgrading your windows without needing additional memory storage.

6. Another important fact that you may not know about USB flash drives today is that you can also keep encrypted data inside the private and secure storage of the flash drive. The security system of flash drives today is even made more robust because of the power upgrades, technology updates, and improvements in anti-virus protection. You may even also anonymously store your files on the flash drives you buy by applying some of the programs made available by software companies.

7. Between 2016 and 2017, hundreds of information were carried by North Korean defectors into the mainland to distribute banned content to the people. Some of these content include Hollywood films, latest global news and South Korean soap opera programs for people to enjoy. There is a highly restricted and limited internet connection in Korea, and the USB drives they have are sometimes the only means their people can get information about the outside world.

8. You can rely on the USB flash drives as an essential device that can store backups of your necessary files and settings scripts to various applications. You can also rely on the powerful 2017 flash drives today to run diagnostics and fix troubleshooting computer problems.

9. SuperSpeed USB or USB 3.0 is the latest USB version released today. With its 3.0-compatible USB storage, it is able to offer storage power without wasting too much power because it has the lowest power consumption among the various USBs in the market. This USB is also able to give about 5 Gigabits Per Second of transfer rate, which saves you so much time when you have so many files to transfer.

10. The one thing that people love about USBs is their compactness and portability. You can easily carry around a significant amount of files without the bulkiness of an external hard drive. Flash drives make for a very convenient data storage device used in transferring files across desktop computers.

11. Unlike the other removable drives in the market, a USB flash drive will not require for a rebooting when it is attached, and that makes it very convenient for you to quickly manage your files without resetting your computer. That said, you can also provide password protection to your USB to give your data the best protection it requires.

12. One of the disadvantages today of using USB flash drives is that it has a limited write and erase cycle limit, which means that after a certain amount of file transfers, your USB drive will start being vulnerable to malware attacks and data loss. There will come a time, too, that your flash drive will eventually fail and lose all your data.

The Impact of USB Facts to Various Industries

According to an experiment made by researchers at Google last April 2016, there are case examples showing that a USB’s files can be opened from a remote area just because the flash drive is plugged into a computer. This is an example of the threatening impact of USBs right now to privacy, business security and protection from cyber attacks. With USB flash drives getting more powerful, it seems that cyber threats, identity theft and system attacks will be now made easier with the improvements of the power of flash drives.

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