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Why Envoy Data?

Since our company began in 1993, Envoy Data Corporation is among the leaders of independent distributors of data-center products. At Envoy Data, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. In addition, each account has a dedicated and experienced team, providing quality support for technology issues.

Envoy Data Corporation has developed an extensive global network of manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. In addition, our reseller partners benefit from our sourcing experience as we pass these discounted prices to them.

At Envoy Data, our primary goal is to stock current products, however we also source end-of-life products not always or no longer available on the market. Envoy Data’s reseller partners can therefore benefit from supply chain diversity.

With each new product added to our line, we institute a rigorous set of standards with our manufacturers and their products. These standards include:

  • Supporting all products in-house by our support team, in addition to direct access to the vendor Level 3 support teams.
  • Offering quality products with high margins and aggressive pricing.
  • Ensuring quality customer service.
  • Providing legacy design-in opportunities by assisting in the integration and configuration effort.
  • Strongly understanding NEW markets and trends.
  • Maintaining support from a high-level sales team with strong technical knowledge.
  • Providing strategic and tactical marketing with our channel partners and vendors.

Customized Security Solutions – Securing Your Assets

Envoy Data Corporation (EDC) works with customers to analyze, recommend and implement custom security solutions for systems of any size. Once in contact with an Envoy Data Account Manager, EDC will develop a complete security package specifically designed for your company.

Our Goals Are Simple:

Leverage our exceptional relationships with industry leading manufacturers to offer complete solutions to our clients. We achieve this by matching competitive services and aggressive pricing, supplying cutting edge technologies, provide outside sales support, full technical support staff, and impeccable customer service to all of our clients.

Value-Added Services

Marketing Assistance
License Renewal Tracking
Qualified Lead Generation
Deal Registration
Solutions Design
Inventory & Logistics
Technical & Sales Support

Envoy Data Corporation Values Our Channel Partners & Vendors

As specialists in several niche markets, we have the ability to form strong partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers, which allows Envoy Data to create robust relationships with our vendors and partners.

Our goals are simple: leverage our exceptional relationships with industry leading manufacturers to offer complete solutions to our clients. We achieve this by offering competitive services, cutting-edge technologies, field sales support, pre- and post-sales support, and exceptional customer service.

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