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The Trustworthy Industrial NAND Flash Memory Provider

With over 20 years experience in the field of industrial computing as well as embedded computing, Envoy Data Memory realizes the importance of good quality storage equipment.

We consider customers’ needs to be our responsibility. Therefore, we offer punctual technical support, make prompt delivery, have good quality control and offer after-sales service.

Rigorous Testing & Quality Control

All Envoy Data Memory products follow a series of rigorous QC testing procedures: AOI inspection, Function Testing, Environmental Testing (high/low operating, and non-operating temperature, humidity, vibration, drop test), Static and Dynamic burn-in, and Final Quality Control, etc.

Envoy Data Memory uses advanced equipment to efficiently execute the quality procedure from new product development with debugging processes and sample testing to manufacturing quality assurance, which contains application notes, real-time technical feedback and RMA service by our superior Engineering Teams.

Reliability Tests conducted by our in-house Lab include electrical testing, operating systems and hardware compatibility testing and others. You can count on us with our QC system with constant feedback on design and spec. reliability & stability. Periodic auditing and facility calibration are strictly implemented to make sure all quality standards are followed to screen potential quality problems of each and every product.

These quality control measures guarantee high efficiency in our order confirmation, design, material preparation, manufacturing, packing and delivery. We hope you will take full advantage of our past achievements and implement them in your business in the near future.

Superlative Technical Supports

Envoy Data Memory technical support team is readily available to provide technical assistance.

We make interactive phone calls and even simulate customers platforms for real-time troubleshooting.

We are proudly committed to providing highest Quality and Customer satisfaction, with 24-hour turnaround from simple inquiries and technical assistance to on-time delivery.

Stress testing

Self Qualification

Envoy Data Memory offers our customers a suite of Self Qualification resources to aid in testing new SSD products, NAND Geometries, Firmware and PCB revisions prior to APL addition. These Self Qualification resources include the following:

Signal Integrity:

  • Jitter and Eye Measurements

Error Injection:

  • Bad site handling to stress SSD error recovery (ECC)
  • Interface Errors (abort tag testing)


  • Multiple power drops and confirm data
  • Document power draw and rail timing on power up
  • Hot Plug Testing to test PLM and PLP
  • Disable backup circuit (SuperCap, Tantalum, Etc.), power cycle and confirm failure detected, ROM mode set and no unknown data loss.


  • Heat drive, confirm warning messages and proper functionality (throttling).


  • Measure performance in single drive and multi drive arrays against various workloads.


  • Temperature & Voltage corners

Classical Testing:

  • Power Line Disturbance, Lightning Strike, etc.

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