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AES256 MLC Hardware Encrypted 2.5″ SATA SSDs

AES256 2.5” SATA SSDs

AES256 MLC Hardware Encrypted 2.5″ SATA SSDs

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    2.5 Inch SATA SSDs

    The EN-DA8XXXGGMX series of SSDs offer Hardware Encryption based on AES 256 Encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard). AES is an industry standard in data security and it has been adopted by U.S. government and now widely used for symmetric-key data encrypting in order to meet higher levels of data security. The EN-DA8XXXGGMX series is TCG OPAL SSC V1.0 Compliant. OPAL SSC (Security Subsystem Class) is specified by Trusted Computing Group. It is a defined key management systems (KMS) and access control features for self-encrypting drives. This EN-DA8XXXGGMX uses a pre-boot partition for user authentication only allowing BIOS and OS to complete loading AFTER authentication.

    Solid State Drives (SSDs) such as MLC 2.5 inch SATA SSDs, MLC industrial 2.5″ SATA SSDs and rugged 2.5″ SATA SSDs are very robust and low power replacements for Hard Disk Drives (HDDs). AES256 SSDs have no moving parts, so vibration and shock tolerance are greatly improved over mechanical Hard Disk Drives, resulting in a much better solution for mobile applications. Serial ATA (SATA) SSDs use the standard SATA interface, and are capable of up to 6Gbps transfer rates (SATA III). Our AES256 SATA 2.5″ SSDs are offered in commercial temperature range, made with Multi-Level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash. If you are looking for MLC 2.5″ SATA SSDs, Industrial 2.5″ SATA SSDs, and Rugged 2.5″ SATA SSDs, please reach out to Envoy Data Memory.

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