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Endurance Reliability Primer

Protection of NAND flash cells against P/E cycle limitation and data retention characteristics

Endurance & Reliability Primer

Envoy Data Memory implements sophisticated technology to safeguard the data in the NAND flash cell against its P/E cycle limitations and data retention characteristics. The industrial grade SSD controllers advanced algorithms allow Envoy Data Memory SSDs to address diverse applications and use cases with unique requirements.

End-to-End data path protection, or EDP:

EDP is a new feature in Envoy Data Memory’s Data Center SSDs. EDP extends error detection to cover the entire path throughout the rugged SSD architecture. Data protection information is appended to the data and stays with the data from the front end SATA interface through SRAM and DRAM connections, to the NAND devices. When read, the same data protection information returns with the data to be compared within the SATA controller. The protection information is used to verify the correctness of the data at multiple points in the path.

Smart Error Correction

Smart ECC Correction Scheme implements multiple levels of ECC correction including basic ECC engine capability that NAND flash requires, but also extends the NAND endurance with the addition of RAID ECC Parity on the latest SSD offering. Multiple levels of ECC are enabled as follows:

  • ECC Level 1 – Read Retry
  • ECC Level 2 – Standard BCH ECC Parity in page spare area
  • ECC Level 3 – LDPC ECC (on selective controllers)
  • ECC Level 4 – RAID ECC Parity (on selective controllers)

Intelligent Refresh / Read Disturb Monitor:

Monitoring block ECC health status enables the flash controller to refresh blocks when necessary, resulting in improved data retention within the NAND cell. By utilizing real-time media scan (RTMS) and idle-time media scan (ITMS), the data will be protected against wear out as the NAND is used over time.

Sophisticated Wear-Leveling:

Intelligent static & dynamic Wear-Leveling for even distribution of flash use to mitigate NAND wear-out.

Sophisticated Garbage Collection:

Background management of previously used data blocks is employed to extend SSD performance and endurance.

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