About Us

Envoy Data Memory

Founded in 1993, Envoy Data Memory is the leader in the design, development, and manufacture of state-of-the-art industrial embedded memory solutions for all verticals with rugged and demanding environments. 

Envoy’s experts solve our clients’ industrial memory challenges by architecting the most economical and robust solutions to meet their specifications, with the most available Build of Material options. 

Our best-in-class memory solutions productively and efficiently bring together new and emerging technologies, leveraging Envoy Data’s product portfolio breadth, allowing us to provide the latest and most effective solutions to our customers. 

Envoy Data’s Memory team works closely with clients from concept and proposal to production and delivery.  Upon concept approval, the team provides project management and expert consultation throughout the memory lifecycle.   

Core Competencies

Commitment to high reliability
& performance
Our commitment to high reliability and performance is evident in every stage of our product development, from design and engineering verification to production and quality control. Our products go through rigorous inspections and testing, including visual inspection, compatibility tests, performance tests, parametric testing, reliability burn-in tests, environmental tests, power cycling tests, and more by request. All our products are REACH, RoHS, CE, and FCC-certified, providing you with the highest level of reliability in performance.
Industrial-grade designsOur industrial-grade designs use superior Flash and DRAM ICs from trusted brands like Micron, Toshiba, Samsung, and ISSI. We offer industrial features such as standard and wide operating temperature range options, our products are built to withstand even the toughest environments.
Focused product management & production flowOur focused product management and production flow ensures that every Envoy Data Memory product is developed with a fixed BOM and PCN/EOL notification management, regardless of the product series or technology. This consistent, stringent procedure is in place to meet the highest industrial standards, providing you with reliable products that you can count on.
Long Term Product AvailabilityWe understand the importance of long-term product availability, which is why we design our products with components that have a long lifecycle and produce them with long-term product availability support. Our fixed BOM guarantees that there will be no changes to any of the components after launch, and if any changes need to be made, we will issue a PCN and assist you with a smooth transition.
Our R&D expertiseOur R&D expertise ensures that all our products are highly compatible with multiple distinct PC platforms. We perform a wide range of tests utilizing different PC configurations to guarantee full compatibility with our Flash and DRAM modules.