High-Quality Memory Applications

Envoy Data Memory is a leading provider of cutting-edge memory and storage solutions that cater to the needs of a wide range of industries. Our products and services are designed to help businesses in diverse sectors achieve optimal performance and productivity while enhancing efficiency and security. We understand that each industry has unique needs and challenges, and we provide tailored memory solutions that cater to these specific requirements.

We pride ourselves on delivering reliable, high-quality memory solutions that cater to the diverse needs of such industries. Whether you’re in healthcare, transportation, communications, embedded computing, industrial automation, or IoT. We have the expertise and experience to help you achieve optimal performance and reliability.


We provide high-quality memory solutions in the healthcare sector that comply with regulatory requirements, ensuring patient data confidentiality and integrity.


We understand the unique requirements of the transportation industry, and our memory solutions for transportation ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and safety.


Our memory solutions for communications cater to businesses requiring high-speed data transfer and secure communications.

Embedded Computing

Our embedded computing memory solutions are designed to enhance performance and support mission-critical applications in various industries.

Industrial Automation

Our high-reliability solid-state storage and DRAM memory solutions are designed for the challenging industrial automation environment. Our memory solutions are specifically engineered to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of industrial automation applications, including extreme temperatures, continued use, and high vibration.


Our memory solutions are designed for the demanding environment of Industrial IoT applications, or IIOT. They are specifically engineered to meet and exceed the requirements of IIoT applications’ requirements while being cost-effective and efficient for PCBA-mounted storage solutions such as eMMC and BGA SSD.