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Custom Design

From simple SSD design modifications to ground up system design

Custom Design

Need a storage solution that is not COTS, or “Off-the-Shelf”?

Ask one of our engineers to discuss your memory application and see how Envoy Data Memory can solve your design challenge. Envoy Data Memory provides the optimal combination of expertise with controllers, NAND Flash, NOR Flash, SRAM, DRAM, Firmware, PLM, PLP and case design technology to meet your system needs.


Envoy Data Memory’s product development process is structured to provide consistent development stages across a wide variety of memory product types. The result is a methodical approach that guarantees on time delivery of quality designs.


Envoy Data Memory discuses the potential project with the customer and collects information about scope, timeline and potential specification requirements.


Envoy Data Memory delivers a proposal containing estimated development timeline, required resources and costs for customer review.


In this initial phase of the project, the team will perform a variety of tasks in preparation for the start of engineering. These tasks include:

  • Collect product requirements
  • Conduct initial research such as bench-marking
  • Develop system architecture
  • Produce specification document
  • Produce initial industrial design
  • Develop Initial Test Plan
  • Refine project timeline


The purpose of this phase of the project is to produce initial prototypes that may or may not be in the exact shape of the final product. The EVT prototypes are primarily meant for engineering use so that software development can begin, and so that initial electronics testing can be conducted. During the EVT phase, the Test Plan will be refined and a Production Test Strategy will be developed.


DVT prototypes are used to carry out comprehensive form-factor testing and to confirm all functionality listed in the product’s specification. DVT units may be manufactured using quick-turn assembly processes that may not be the same as the final supply chain. Testing during this phase of the project concentrates on functional testing, environmental testing, reliability testing, and compliance testing.


PVT prototypes are final prototypes that are assembled using the production supply chain. These units can be used for final testing such as final qualification testing, safety agency testing, and regulatory approval testing. Any issues that are identified in final tests are corrected.


This is the final phase of the project and marks the beginning of mass production. Envoy Data Memory will be involved in this phase for the manufacturer of the design and ramp to mass production.


This phase of the project is used to assist with manufacturing repair or yield questions that may develop after Mass Production Start.

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